The participants of Dozen Dozn #3. Another fine selection of artists! Be sure to come and see their works. Clicking on their name will link you to their website (where available).

The selection of participants for Dozen Dozen #2. This time 15 artists will strut their stuff! It’s gonna be a huge mish-mash of crazy, original, beautiful stuff. Check it out! 7th October, from 20:30h CET onwards at Dozen Dozen, Botersloot 18a, Rotterdam.

Mirjam Visker

Martine Smids

Constantijn Smit

Gerjanne van Zuilen

Wilma van de Hel

Tilly Heijster

Marieke Haandrikman

Stefanie Wels

Noa Haim

Aniek Meeldijk

Marian Kastelein

Harry Schumacher

Daphne Bom

Jitka Andrea

Bea van Golen

The following artists participate in Dozen Dozen #1 (in alphabetical order). Clicking on a name will open their website (if available) in a new tab/window

Unfortunately Dirk Moons and Dennis d’Alesandro weren’t able to make a work in time for the opening. So the flyer mentions their names, but no work is on display.