Dozen Dozen #2 will open on friday October 7 at 20:30. Due to a holiday by the organiser of Dozen Dozen, Constantijn Smit, the deadline for this new addition is very tight! Therefore for this edition no new theme is developed for the exposition. Every artist can bring his or her own work that will fit in the box.

As a result of the first show and the support of Centrum Beeldende Kunst in Rotterdam, new artists have requested to join Dozen Dozen. This is great news! However there are many more artists than there are boxes so a selection will have to be made. Also Dozen Dozen is looking into expanding the amount of boxes in the display window and bringing the total up to 15 boxes! This will create an even more striking image in the display window.

Besides bringing together a collection of artists in real life, there is now also a mailing list in place to facilitate easy communication between the participants in cyberspace. Here they can share ideas, tips, expositions, digital works or whatever. If you want to join this mailing list, send an e-mail to Dozen Dozen at with your name and mailaddress.

Dozen Dozen is looking forward to the second opening of Dozen Dozen and all the personal works that will be on display. But first Dozen Dozen will have to make a selection of the artists. Keep an eye out on this website for the definitive selection following very soon!