Dozen Dozen #3 Theme: Enter the Void. Exit the Void.

The theme for Dozen Dozen 3 is, unlike the previous theme, not a creative starting point. It is meant as a context to reflect on art in general and perhaps the art made by the participants of Dozen Dozen.

Enter the Void. Exit the Void. 

A romantic analogy on the dilemma of art

Ah! The monumental presence of mountains!

The wall of earth in the valleys. The lack of air and warmth at the top. The barren lifeless peaks. To walk, drive, ski, elevate back and forth in the mountains as a crawling ant is a humbling experience. The abrupt weatherchanges, one moment baking in the sun, the next stumbling through dense fog or fearing that the rumbling sky will collapse on the canvas of your tent.

In the mountains your thinking is blocked beyond the here and now. Romantic contemplation quickly evaporates when you’re freezing your balls off in a dead-end valley, trying to keep warm by stuffing foliage in your T-shirt. You need to stay warm, you need to get inside quickly! No place for humans on mountains.

We can only stay in mountainranges by pounding the mountain in temporary submission. Creating rickety ski-lifts, narrow meandering roads, steep mountain villages in a little forgiving corner of the mountain. Small constructs, einstürzende Neubauten. The only grand human schemes in mountains, are due to the lack of earth. The holes we dig or the valleys we fill with water. The earth itself is unaffected by our whims, our fads, our hot topics.

Ah! The impressive expanse of flatland!

The faraway horizon under the limitless sky. No surprises, no sudden impulses. Everything can be seen coming from miles away.    You are stuck as a speck on a two dimensional plane. Jumping in vain to gain access to the sky. The flatlander can roam without change, thrown back on his own mind to fill the world with ideas. Embracing boredom. There is no rush, if something will happen it will happen in a little while. Enough time to seek a more comfortable place.

Enough time to buíld a more comfortable place. The flatland is an empty canvas begging to be build on. Correcting our twodimensional ways by skyscraping. Creating further horizons, creating more space to cushion us.

The flatland is willing, the flatland enables, the flatland sacrifices selflessly for those who dare to create. But doing in the flatland, destroys the emptiness. Eventually the flatland is walled in, filled with impulses and noise. The open ideas stumble. The grinding begins.

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